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Ober Gatlinburg donates $7,550 to Clinic

Ober Gatlinburg Donates to Mountain Hope ClinicLocal folks who enjoyed Ober Gatlinburg’s recent Sevier County Days were also benefiting Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic.

Ober Gatlinburg has generously donated $7,550, the proceeds of its Sevier County Days, to the Clinic. That funding will help us cover the gap between what our patients can afford and the cost to the Clinic of each patient visit.

This year, Ober increased its generosity by opening Sevier County Days to residents of Cocke and Jefferson Counties also. This resulted in more than double the visitors to Ober Gatlinburg and more than doubled the contribution to the Clinic. Because the Clinic caters to employees of Sevier County businesses, many of whom live in Cocke and Jefferson counties, this was particularly fitting.

This contribution comes at a time when our services are more in demand than ever. We would like to thank Ober Gatlinburg not only for its donation, but also for its community spirit.

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