Smiles are powerful things—they can signal friendliness or reflect happiness, and they often correspond to how we are treated when we walk into a room. Simply put, people are treated differently when they smile—and when they don’t. Governor Bill Lee, in conjunction with the Tennessee Charitable Care Network, has proclaimed  June 10-14,Continue Reading

As the summer sports season looms, would-be student athletes have an exam to pass: their physicals. This exam should not be taken lightly, says Jason Brackins PA(C), physician’s assistant at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic. As youthful minds turn to soccer, baseball and softball, school coaches need to know ofContinue Reading

It’s a tradition at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic to decorate our Christmas tree in the front lobby with winter warmth. Mittens, hats, gloves, scarves and socks of all sizes, shapes and colors decorate our tree. Just before Christmas, our patients take what they need to stay warm from theContinue Reading

When it comes to sports injuries, concussions are the 600-pound gorilla everyone is talking about, but sprains and strains are much more common. Jason Brackins, Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic’s physician assistant, sees common-sense prevention as one way to cut down on sprains, strains and other sports-related problems. His recommendationsContinue Reading

Viruses and bacteria have a new set of victims lined up: It’s back-to-school time. As children (and their teachers) mingle in their classrooms and schoolyards for the first time in months, the chance of passing on illnesses increases. Jason Brackins, Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic physician assistant, has some suggestionsContinue Reading

Cat fur, changing weather, cigarette smoke or even running up a flight of steps can be bad for your health if you suffer from asthma. Many things can trigger asthma, causing the airways in your lungs to become narrow and inflamed.  It pays to know your triggers, says Physician’s Assistant Continue Reading