Healthcare with a Heart

Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic has made a commitment to mentoring and supporting the training of future healthcare professionals.  It’s about more than healthcare at our Clinic- we care about the human and spiritual well-being of our patients and community.

Providers at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic


Real World Experience

Whether they are pre-dental students, pre-med student volunteers, nurse practitioner students, medical students, residents, or students of social work, Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic is proud to be part of their educational experience.  Residents have the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team that includes behavioral and dental providers.

One of our goals is to address a growing concern of a future healthcare delivery system being available within the rural community where we live and work.   With fewer and fewer family practice providers coming into their rural areas to serve, we aim to give medical students and understanding of what their support can mean to a community. Exposing future providers to community rural healthcare clinics, such as Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, secures a future with rural providers to care for each of us and our families.




Student Stories:
Abigail Wyatt recently graduated with her Master of Social Work from East Tennessee State University. Abigail connected with Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic through participation in the Institute for Integrated Behavioral Health’s field placement collaboration with the Department of Social Work. From August 2023-May 2024, Abigail was supervised by Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic’s Director of Behavioral Health, Cara Parker, LCSW and coordinated with Behavioral Health Therapist, Rebekah Gilmore, LMSW.

Abigail shared the following quote regarding her experience learning at the clinic: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic. The welcoming and caring staff here has provided me with priceless guidance throughout my internship. I am sad that my internship has come to a close, but I am also excited to utilize the skills gained during my time here. I would encourage any student to accept an opportunity to come and learn at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, you couldn’t ask for a better group of people to learn from.”

We wish Abigail the best in her next chapter, and grateful for her time at our Clinic!







Dr. Cox shares her experience as a resident at our Clinic:

“On a personal note, my time spent at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic was the most valuable experience I have had in medical school. Having the opportunity to work as a part of a team dedicated to serving the underserved was an experience, I will carry with me for years to come. Serving patients who would otherwise go without the care they so desperately need reinvigorated my passion for medicine and solidified my decision to pursue a career in family medicine. The dedication of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic to serving those without an advocate is unmatched and nothing short of inspirational.”



We are proud of the role we serve in making a difference in the lives of not only our patients, but also the individuals who pass through our Clinic as part of their professional development, and grateful for our partnership with ETSU Quillen College of Medicine and other local universities.