Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic Announces Major Expansion
Plans to Benefit Gatlinburg Residents and Workforce

Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic Staff and Board Members

Gatlinburg, a town known for its scenic beauty, is about to witness a transformative change in its healthcare landscape. Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, in collaboration with community leaders and board members, is thrilled to announce a major expansion plan aimed at benefiting residents and the local workforce.

Our Collective Vision:  The new clinic represents a collective vision for a healthier Gatlinburg. Our goal is not just about a new facility but about building a community effort of shared value in access to affordable healthcare for all residents and workforce.

Support the Capital Campaign: To bring this vision to life, a Capital Campaign is now underway with an ambitious goal of raising $1 million. This funding will support the construction, purchase of medical equipment, and initial operational needs of the future community clinic. Planned services include primary care, behavioral therapy, and community health worker support, with on-site laboratory services and other programs already offered at the current location. Patients will be able to pay for services based on a sliding fee scale.

Mission and Impact: The mission of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic is to provide quality healthcare to the uninsured working or living in Sevier County. Recognizing how social determinants of health impact disparities, the Board of Directors has strategically focused on addressing the lack of transportation and financial barriers to quality healthcare for uninsured individuals. In partnership with committed community stakeholders, the Board of Directors proudly announces the addition of a new Clinic location in Gatlinburg.

Call for Community Unity: This fundraising campaign is not just a call for financial support; it’s an invitation for the community to unite in pursuing a healthier Gatlinburg. With heartfelt gratitude for the community’s support, the Clinic eagerly anticipates the opening, recognizing that this new facility is a shared achievement in the journey towards accessible and community-driven healthcare.

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FAQs – Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic’s Gatlinburg Project

Who do we serve?

We serve the residents and workforce of Sevier County, Tennessee, and surrounding areas, including those who may face challenges accessing healthcare services due to financial constraints or lack of

Where are we located?

Our clinic in Gatlinburg will be situated at 416 Ski Mountain Rd.  Conveniently located in the heart of the town, along the last trolley stop, for easy accessibility.

What services do we provide?

We offer a range of essential healthcare services, including general check-ups, preventive care, chronic disease management, behavioral health services, women’s health services, vaccinations.  At this time, limited dental care is only available in our Sevierville office.

What are our business hours?

Our clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please note that specific services may have differing availability hours.

How can one become a patient?

Becoming a patient at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic in Gatlinburg is a simple process. You can either call our clinic at 865-774-7684 or visit our facility to fill out the necessary paperwork. Our staff will guide you through the registration process.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, please feel free to reach out to our clinic directly or visit our website for more details.



Community Champions: Contributors Making the Gatlinburg Clinic a Reality

December 15, 2023

SmartBank Generously Donates $10,000 to Propel Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic in Gatlinburg

Smartbank proudly donated $10,000 to Gatlinburg’s Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, reinforcing their commitment to community well-being. This generous contribution accelerates the clinic’s mission, bringing essential healthcare services to residents and workforce members in Gatlinburg.

Join us in appreciation of the transformative impact of Smartbank’s generosity on the health and vitality of Gatlinburg. Together, we’re building a healthier, more resilient community.



December 21, 2023

Tennessee State Bank’s $50,000 Gift Fuels Mission for Gatlinburg Medical Clinic

Tennessee State Bank has helped pave the path forward for Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic’s new venture in Gatlinburg with an exceptional donation of $50,000.00. This generous donation will help the Clinic’s mission to provide accessible healthcare to the residents and workforce in Gatlinburg.














December 20, 2023

Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Foundation Donates $75,000 toward Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic’s New Location

The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Foundation donated with an official check presentation at the Gatlinburg Convention Center on December 15th, by Gatlinburg CVB Board of Director chair Beau Massey and GCVB/Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Chad Netherland.













December 21, 2023

Gatlinburg Rotary Club Donates to Gatlinburg Medical Clinic Project

A $20,000.00 donation was made by the Gatlinburg Rotary Club to help fund the Gatlinburg clinic location for Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic. This donation reflects their commitment to helping the community, who will benefit from having affordable primary medical services nearby.















December 29, 2023

Donation funds Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic Construction

Earl and Margit Worsham delivered a $10,000 donation to Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, to help fund the construction and operation of the new clinic in Gatlinburg.





















January 4, 2024

$15,000 Donation Made for Gatlinburg Medical Clinic

United Way of Sevier County, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Community Care Fund and the Sevier County Electric System jointly donated towards the establishment of the new Gatlinburg medical clinic.




















January 9, 2024

$10,000 donation made for Gatlinburg Medical Clinic

Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic was the recipient of a $10,000 donation from the Miller-Brannon family and the Greystone Lodge on the River, in memory of Jack and Mary Jo Mille













January 17, 2024

Donation Pushes Gatlinburg Medical Clinic Forward

Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic received a $50,000.00 donation from Smoky Mountain Marketing, LLC DBA What-to-Do Guide. The donation from business owner, Gregory Payne, was made in memory of his mother, Nell Viola Lindsey Payne. This substantial contribution will play a crucial role in funding the construction and operation of the upcoming Gatlinburg clinic.














March 5, 2024

Local Business Leader Honors Legacy with $10,000 Gift to Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic


Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic is thrilled to announce the receipt of a significant $10,000 donation from Robert Montgomery and his daughter, Marlee Montgomery. This generous contribution will greatly support the mission of providing essential healthcare services to the medically uninsured populations in Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas. 

The donation holds special significance as Mr. Montgomery expressed the gift is dedicated to honoring the memory of Brownlee and Kelley Reagan. He credits these two individuals for laying the foundation of his successful businesses and wishes to pay tribute to their legacy through this donation. 














Enbridge Supports Future Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic Location

Enbridge, a prominent energy transportation and distribution provider has made a generous $10,000.00 donation towards the Gatlinburg clinic, through their Fueling Futures program.  This collaboration is part of Enbridge’s dedication to community engagement, and their support will help fund the IT infrastructure for the new location.













Food City Makes a $100,000.00 Donation to Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinc

The generous funding will play a pivotal role in launching the Gatlinburg branch of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic and bringing vital healthcare services to the Gatlinburg area.  Being a community-focused organization, the funding will help associates and customers in addressing vital healthcare needs.

Sevier County Community Fund Donates over $15,000.00 Towards Gatlinburg Clinic

The Sevier County Community Fund is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents across the region and was instrumental in helping Gatlinburg rebuild after wildfires destroyed homes and businesses in Sevier County.  The donation will help in addressing the healthcare needs of our community.



Gratitude to Our In-Kind Donors

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our in-kind donors for their generous contributions to the construction of our Gatlinburg location. Their support has been instrumental in bringing our vision to life and expanding our services to those in need.

Your donation of materials and services has empowered us to create a space where quality healthcare is accessible and affordable.  Every brick, every nail is a testament to your compassion and belief in our mission.

With your support, we will continue to grow and serve our community with dignity and respect. Thank you for being valuable community partners in our journey towards a healthier future.

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