Some of you have called to ask how you can help the Clinic. We are so grateful that you are offering your help and support.

Si no puede hacer nada más, le pedimos que ore por nosotros y sepa cuánto apreciamos cada oración que envía.

If you are able to help us with the costs of providing medical care for our neighbors, you can use this link to do so– please know you’re making a difference in this brilliant, beautiful community we all love. You are part of the tradition of generosity and grace and hope that has always made Sevier County the best place in the world to call home. As trying as this situation is, all of you should know that at Mountain Hope we truly believe that we’re in this together, and– as always– we are glad that good folks like you are on our side.

En tiempos difíciles, su donación es aún más importante para la Clínica Mountain Hope Good Shepherd. Después de todo, su donación puede marcar la diferencia para salvar la vida de sus vecinos del condado de Sevier.

As always, if you’d like to specify that your gift be used in a certain capacity, please email [paypal_donation_button]

*Tenga en cuenta que ya no podemos aceptar medicamentos donados.