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Bridging Gaps: Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic’s Dedication to the Health of the Smoky Mountain Community

Bridging Gaps: Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic’s Dedication to the Health of the Smoky Mountain Community

Greetings, friends of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic! I am Deborah Murph, Executive Director, and I am thrilled to share with you the exciting journey of our clinic and the wonderful developments that lie ahead.

Looking back at the history of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, it’s clear that our mission has always been deeply rooted in our unwavering faith and commitment to caring for others. Starting from our modest beginnings, where we conducted medical exams in a few rooms of a church basement, to establishing our clinic in Sevierville and expanding to offer dental and behavioral health services, providing compassionate healthcare to our community has remained our top priority – a mission we approach with utmost sincerity. Throughout the years, we’ve seen the remarkable impact of our services on the residents and workforce of Sevier County, Tennessee, reaching out to numerous individuals in their times of need.

Our dedication to healthcare accessibility has driven us to explore new avenues to extend our reach, and we are thrilled to announce a significant step in this direction – the opening of a new clinic in Gatlinburg. This expansion comes as a response to the growing needs of the community, and we are committed to ensuring that quality healthcare remains within everyone’s reach. One of the primary reasons for opening a new clinic is to address barriers to health, such as transportation. The new Gatlinburg location will be a vital step in meeting our patients where they live and work, making healthcare more accessible.

The journey towards establishing the Gatlinburg clinic has been nothing short of inspiring. We are grateful for the overwhelming support we have received from the community and local businesses. Their generosity has been the driving force behind this initiative, showcasing the unity and strength that defines our tight-knit community here in the Smoky Mountains.

The outpouring of donations has been heartening, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to make this dream a reality. From individuals, to our local business, to touching donations in memory of someone, your belief in our mission fuels our commitment to providing healthcare services that make a lasting difference.

For those eager to learn more about our clinic, its history, and the exciting developments in Gatlinburg, we invite you to explore our website at There, you will find detailed information about our services, the communities we serve, and the ways in which you can get involved.

As we embark on this new chapter, we carry the spirit of community and compassion that has defined Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic throughout its history. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those in Sevier County, ensuring that healthcare remains affordable and available.

Thank you for being a part of the Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic family. We look forward to serving you and the beautiful community of Gatlinburg, TN.


Deborah Murph, MBA, RN
Executive Director
Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic

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