Remembering Sue Ellen Riddle

In Memory of our Clinic co-founder, Sue Ellen Riddle

         Our staff and board of directors remember the impactful contributions of our Clinic co-founder, Sue Ellen Riddle. Her journey speaks to her vision to be guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and have an impact on the health and wellbeing for all uninsured living and working in Sevier County. As a result of her commitment and dedication, over 30,000 individuals have received healthcare at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic. Sue Ellen taught us the value of unwavering faith and the impact one can have on a community when following their servant’s heart. Her actions were always centered around how she could help others and never about personal recognition or gain. You always experienced endless energy and love when in her presence. May we continue to follow the path and guidance she established for our Clinic to always value all human life and provide compassionate and professional healthcare. What a blessing to have experienced Sue Ellen’s servant journey that will have a lasting impact on our hearts and community.

Deb Murph

Executive Director

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