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Retro Run Featured Image


UPDATE: Changes to the weekend, planned for April 29 and 30, mean more people can take part at less cost. The event is now open to all ages. Ticket prices have been reduced. The tribute to veterans has been rescheduled to late Friday afternoon to allow more veterans to take part. Veterans can attend all the Friday activities and the concert at no charge. One-day tickets as well as weekend tickets are now available.

The Saturday morning race will include a traditional race for runners 39 and younger. The “Run at the Front” format is for those aged 40 and older.


Retro Run could net Clinic big bucks

PIGEON FORGE — A weekend for the 40-and-over crowd could net as much as $8,000 for Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic.

If 8,000 people register for the RetroRunning weekend scheduled for April 29 through May 1, 2016, Mountain Hope will receive $10,000. Fewer registrants will bring in less money. The weekend includes fun, music, workshops on a wide variety of topics and a unique road race for people aged 40 or older. Racers will start at or near the starting line in groups made up of people their own age. Groups will run a few minutes apart. The distance is approximately 5.59 miles.

Other activities include dance lessons, workshops on topics as varied as health and fitness and legal planning for the elderly, a seminar by running coach and author Jeff Galloway, and Veterans’ Appreciation Breakfast. All are set for LeConte Auditorium.

You can register on line at Use the coupon code of MHGSC and $25 of your fee will go to Mountain Hope.

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