ETSU Medical Residents at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic


This past year, we have been able to strengthen our relationship with ETSU Quillen College of Medicine. We have formed a partnership with them to host residents at the Clinic. The collaboration between Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic and medical residents creates a mutually beneficial connection. Residents gain a deeper understanding of the real-world impact of their work and the importance of community-based care. Meanwhile, their contributions provide a lifeline to the clinic, allowing it to expand its reach and touch the lives of even more individuals in need.

The Clinic has long been a place for the uninsured in need of quality healthcare. The medical residents who choose to join us, dedicate their time and expertise to serve the community. They provide an invaluable role that helps give hope to our patients in addition to our amazing clinical staff.

During their time at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, the residents are offered a unique opportunity to enhance their clinical skills and broaden their understanding of healthcare disparities. They gain valuable experience in managing a diverse range of medical conditions while collaborating with a team of healthcare professionals. Medical residents not only experience professional growth but personal growth also. Engaging with patients from different backgrounds and witnessing the impact of their work on vulnerable communities fosters personal growth and empathy. Residents learn to navigate cultural sensitivities, communicate effectively with patients facing language barriers, and develop a deeper understanding of social determinants of health. These invaluable lessons mold them into well-rounded physicians who are better equipped to address the complex challenges in healthcare.

The impact of medical residents serving at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic extends far beyond their immediate interactions with patients. By providing compassionate care and improving health outcomes, these residents inspire hope in the community. They serve as role models, encouraging others to pursue careers in healthcare and contributing to the growth of a more compassionate and inclusive society. Their dedication sets a precedent for future generations of medical professionals to prioritize service to the underserved.

Tom Kincer, MD, Associate Dean for Rural Programs and Professor of Family Medicine, Quillen College of Medicine quoted, “Valued relationships really do exist. It’s even better when everyone involved benefits and this is what ETSU Family Medicine Residency Programs have with Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic in Sevierville. Our resident physicians have spent the last year with the providers and staff at Mountain Hope providing excellent medical care to a grateful patient population while receiving an education in primary care and community outreach. We look forward to another wonderful year with our valued community partner.”  

We are extremely grateful for this new relationship that will be on going. We are already very excited to receive our next group of residents who will make a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals.

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