Over 37 years ago my wife Carolina and I fell in love with the Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg areas. We came for a one week vacation with our kids and we knew then that we would want to live here someday. We started investing and developing in the area while I continued to work in South Florida.

On April of 2006 my wife and I decided that it was time for us to live our dream. After 29 years in the auto industry, I retired as General Manager from this life long career to create our family business and
have more time to enjoy life as well. CG Investments officially opened its local office in November of 2006 and on March 15, 2007 Pristine Real Estate, Inc. was born making our family dream a reality.

Our three kids, their spouses, and our grandchildren blessed our dream even further by moving to the area with us. We are totally committed to serving in any way we can while contributing our share to protect this beautiful area.

We thank God daily for all of His blessings and for allowing Carolina and myself to live our dream with our family in this special community that we are proud to call home. During the last few years I have been able to serve as Treasurer, President Elect, and President of the Great Smoky Mountains
Association of Realtors. In the past I have also chaired the Strategic Planning Committee, Finance Committee, and Nominating Committee for GSMAR.

Our family is our treasure, our kids and grandkids are our pride and joy. God is at the center of our family for without Him nothing would be possible. For many months my wife and I have been praying in
search of how we could give of ourselves and offer a helping hand. After seeing the wonderful work Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic does for our community, and receiving a call from our dear friend Robin Reagan, we feel our prayers have been answered. Our recent visit to the clinic was the confirmation that we were at the right place, with the right people, at the right time. We are thankful for this opportunity and pray that we can be of service as needed.


Chris Gonzalez