Medical Services

Primary Care

Our medical team of employed and volunteer providers and nursing staff are dedicated to providing quality primary care. We are honored to have uninsured patients of all ages choose our Clinic as their medical home. Services include adult, adolescent, and child physicals, chronic disease management such as diabetes and hypertension. Minor surgical procedures in our office and coordination for other testing and specialist referrals. 

Our medical care team embraces a holistic model of care that includes the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of those we serve. 

We charge a base fee for the primary care visit, lab testing, medications, and/or other procedures performed during the visit are additional cost. We strive to keep the cost affordable for those without insurance to prevent barriers to affordable quality healthcare. 

Medication Assistance Programs

We assist patients with obtaining medications through pharmaceutical assistance programs. The list of medications is limited to medications prescribed by our providers and needed to treat chronic illness. Patients must meet pharmaceutical eligibility requirements and will have a nominal administration fee for these services. 

Telehealth Services

Our Clinic offers both primary care and behavioral medication managment telehealth services. Teleheath visits are provided to scree for COVID-19 syptoms and arrange for  COVID testing.

COVID Vaccination Clinics

COVID vaccine clinics are held each Wednesday. We encourage patients and residents of Sevier County to call for appointments. The vaccine clinic is open to anyone working or living in Sevier County. 

Patients must work or live in Sevier County and not have insurance coverage to be eligible for primary care services. 

Days of Operation: Monday – Friday 

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Appointments are required. Please call 865-774-7684 to

 make your appointment today!